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United State Institute of Peace (USIP)

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The United States Institute of Peace is an independent national institute, founded by Congress and dedicated to the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical, and essential for U.S. and global security. USIP pursues this vision on the ground in conflict zones, working with local partners to prevent conflicts from turning to bloodshed and to end it when they do. The Institute provides training, analysis, and other resources to people, organizations, and governments working to build peace.


USIP Kabul has been cooperating with GIHE via GIHE’s Peace Center in achieving the following objectives:

  1. Offering Peace Building Training for students and instructors,
  2. Developing a standard curriculum for the subject of Conflict Resolution and Peace
  3. Forming the Youth Peace Leaders
  4. Organizing Research Methodology Training
  5. Conducting Peace Club Activities
  6. Linking GIHE Peace Center with other Peace Institutes and Universities


For further information, please, check their, website:



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