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The GIHE Peace Youth Leaders

A youth leaders’ network was established within the university by students comprising of 130 youth leaders.

The main objectives for creating Youth Leaders’ Network are to train peace activists, peace and conflict resolution’s cadre and to enable them to decrease conflicts into the community.


  1. Director
  2. Deputy
  3. Speaker

The following Committees have been created by GIHE Peace Youth Leaders




The GIHE Peace Youth Leader has launched a drawing contest amongst GIHE students with the financial support of United State Institute of Peace (USIP) this event was conducted on Tuesday, May, 24, 2016 in GIHE conference hall; the aim of mentioned event was broadcasting of peace messages through art and drawing, the participants of this event were members of Peace youth leaders, members of peace coordination committee including some students and staff of GIHE.

The event was started with the welcome’s speech by deputy of youth leaders, later on the chairman of the peace youth leaders described the activities of the youth group since its establishment; likewise he stated that art’s contest for the peace is the fifth youth peace club activities in 2016 which is implementing by Youth Group.


   Afterward, two members of youth group recited their peace poetries which were welcomed and encouraged by event participants.

 Furthermore, one of the judges explained the criteria for selecting the best arts, it is mention-able that three judges were invited to choose the best three drawing, finally after evaluation the Judges selected three pictures as grade; first-second and third.



 At the end of this event certificates which were provided by Youth Group, awarded to the Judges, moreover, cash prizes has been paid for the first, second and third grad of art contest.



  1. Youth Peace Club Activities
  2. Publishing of quarterly Journal under the title of (The Jewel of Peace )
  3. Exposure visit to Hearat province
  4. Exposure visit to India

Future Plans:

Youth leaders want to change peace instead of war and violence in the society as a whole, until our people could be able to live comfortably in Afghanistan.



GIHE, Building C, Second Floor, Peace Center.



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