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Quality Assurance Center

Quality Assurance Department

Following its strategic goal, i.e. improvement of quality of educational services and based on article 3 and 4 of Afghanistan’s ministry of Higher Education Law, GIHE established Quality Assurance Department (QAD) in March 2015. This department is responsible for ensuring the quality of educational services, collecting and analyzing the reports from academic departments, and reporting the results to the academic deputy of GIHE.

Summary of Quality Assurance Department Accomplishments

  1. The number of lecturers’ subjects and credits was Evaluated (128 teacher) to assure form the Implementation result of Teaching quality evaluation of lecturers at 2015;
  2. The policy and procedure of teaching quality evaluation was prepared, and approved;
  3. GIHE Quality Assurance policy was prepared and;
  4. A workshop on quality assurance criteria of universities was hold up with the cooperation of Employees of Higher Education Ministry, for 19 (16 male and 3 female) top level staffs of GIHE;
  5. The GIHE self-assessment was conducted and reported to the Ministry of Higher Education;
  6. Regular meetings with quality assurance committees were held;
  7. Reporting regularly to the MoHE on the QAD progress
  8. lecturers` individual activities plan were Collected;
  9. Facilitating the approval of faculties` strategic plans;
  10. Evaluation of lecturers done through adopting two methods:



Abdul Majid Majidi, Manager


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