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Faculty of Law and Political Science


Law department was established in September 2010 and aims to develop in their students a high level of skill in comprehension, analysis and presentation. Students are expected to read a good deal, mostly from primary sources (such as cases and statutes), rather than to take other people’s word for things. They are expected to think hard about what they have read, so as to develop views not simply about what the law is, but also about why it is so, whether it should be so, and how it might be different. Students are asked to process what they read, together with their own thoughts, and to prepare essays and presentations for discussion in tutorials. They are meant to be competent for today’s market competition and perfectly measure up to world standards to pursue higher education abroad. The curriculum consists of General Subjects 13%, Basic Subjects 20%, Specialized Subjects 65.6 % and Optional Subjects 0.2.5%.

Degree Description

The Law Department provides students with Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Message from the Department Chair

Law Department is devoted to educating law-abiding jurists and leaders by providing them with highly rigorous courses taught by sophisticated instructors. Through promoting rule of law, cultural awareness and political self-determination this department endeavors to help creating an Afghanistan free from ethnic discrimination, corruption and social injustice.


Nadershah Sohha, Dean of Faculty,

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