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Indigo Foundation

Indigo Foundation is an innovative, independent community development organization based in Australia. Guided by the principles of community ownership, sustainability, transparency and equity, the foundation works with community based organizations to effect real change.

Indigo Foundation listens to the needs of the community and works with them to develop programs in education, public health and capacity building. The organization’s aim is to empower communities to access resources, and have control over decisions that determine their basic needs and human rights; the foundation is doing this by providing financial and technical assistance.

A key focus of IF’s approach is to assist the establishment and/or sustainable development of new and existing non-government organizations (NGO). In most instances, IF provides core funding to NGOs and, if required, makes a commitment to continue funding for up to three years.

The Foundation has been cooperating with GIHE Women Empowerment Center (WEC). It has been supporting 33 students under the scholarship program and funded English and computer courses for talented economically disadvantaged female students in Gawharshad. It also funds the salaries of the WEC program officer and her assistant.

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