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President’s Message


From its founding in 2010, Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education has been committed to open, rigorous, and intense inquiry with a shared understanding that this must be the defining feature of the institute. We recognize that our most important contributions to discovery, education, and society rest on our focus, the power of our ideas, and the openness of our environment to the development and testing of these ideas.

Recognizing the power of individual action to effect change, we, here at GIHE, firmly believe that all begins with education. With education people can gain the tools to become productive members of their society. Through education people can learn the tolerance necessary to solve conflicts without resorting to violence and ultimately, with education we can build a healthy community in terms of not only physical health but in terms of a healthy society.

In fact it is the nation’s large numbers of uneducated and poor people resulting from decades of systematic neglect that have produced breeding grounds for terrorism and as long as social issues continued to be ignored the pool of potential terrorist recruits will not shrink.

We invite you to visit our main campus and other facilities, inquire about the programs and activities that interest you, and participate in the GIHE community.


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