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GIHE Spring 2017 Outstanding Students Award Ceremony

The ceremony was held on 8th of October, 2017 with the presence of Abul Rauf Navid, Senior Advisor at Shuhada Organization (SO) and Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education (GIHE), Dr.Mohammad Javad Salehi, GIHE chancellor, Eng.Hamid Layan, Deputy of Academic Affair, Safar Ale Aeen, Deputy of Admin and Finance of GIHE, Haji Ghulam Hassan Roshan a businessman, and GIHE lecturers and employees.

Mr.Hamid Layan congratulated outstanding students for their remarkable achievements. Also, he added that GIHE was established with the aim of promoting higher quality education in Afghanistan as well as to train and educate future leaders for a better and prosperous Afghanistan. Moreover, he stated that the GIHE leadership teams are working to make this Institute a prestigious and merit-based university.


Mr. Layan pointed out that this institute is highly committed to facilitate students with the new trends and changes in area of politics, economy, culture, and technology to fulfill the demands of society with a modern technology and updated curriculum in collaboration with its international partner universities.

Professor Layan also explained about the GIHE scholarship programs which provide extensive financial aid for outstanding and underprivileged students every year.

Also, he thanked Mr. Haji Roshan for his continuous financial support offering numerous scholarships for female students.

Dr.Salehi, GIHE chancellor, appreciated Mr.Haji Roshan for his generous support, and he emphasized that his support has changed many lives and students have had profound improvement upon their studies at GIHE.  Without his support these changes would not have been possible.



Mr.Haji Roshan, a well-known businessman figure, stated that supporting these talented and underprivileged students is our religious values and duties. Also, he promised that he is going to arrange hostel for some students and lecturers.



Zainab Jaffari, an outstanding awardee, talks on behalf of students and she said,” We appreciate all GIHE employees and faculties who they work hard providing us quality education.”



GIHE awarded Mr.Haji Roshan and Mr. Sharif Akbari certificate of appreciation, and offered students outstanding award certificate.

At the end, students received gifts and congratulatory wishes from GIHE faculties, friends, and families.

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