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National Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security

Gawharshad Peace Center and Women Empowerment Center has organized “National Dialogue on Women, Peace and Security” on 24 October 2017. The event started with reciting of Holy Quran by Mohammad Qasim Ahmadi and it was followed with playing Afghanistan’s national anthem.

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After the national anthem of the country the opening speech was by Dr.Mohammad Jawad Salehi the chancellor of Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education.  His remakes were on inclusion of women in all sectors such as politics, economy and their participations in peace process. He addressed the issues of unequal opportunities between men and women in Afghanistan’s society.  In other countries states are thinking about human security, social security and environmental security but, in Afghanistan today we are suffering from armed conflict he said. When we are suffering from armed conflict and the approach to end the conflict was and is based on excluding different groups and mainly women will be very costly for the achievement of sustainable peace in Afghanistan.  Excluding of women’s political participation is common for many developing countries and Afghanistan is included in this long list. It is crucial to include women in peace processes and in high level of decision making.

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The second speaker was Mrs.Freshta Matin from the GIHE Women Empowerment Center. She has explained in details about women empowerment center and she said that one of our works in this center is providing scholarship for girls students.  Gender Study programs and publishing study material, conducting short term training, organizing workshops and having campaigns are part of the center’s activities.

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Dr.Anwarullhaq Ahadi the former minister of finance Islamic republic of Afghanistan talked on “women’s role in security sectors” he said; discrimination against women are exist in many societies to overcome this it needs continues works. We are having good laws for supporting women’s participation in peace processes, politics, economic sectors and security sectors but, unfortunately we are struggling with the implementation of these laws. When there is no peace in any society there will not be civilization Ahadi said. Lack of strategic peace plans will be a barrier to achieve peace and sustainable peace is possible to be achieved by having clear strategic peace plans as well as inclusions of women in the processes. Creating equal opportunities should be the government policy in education, politics and economic sectors for both men and women. I am not happy with the peace talks but peace talks is an option not the only option with different antigovernment groups also I am not very optimist about this talks Dr.Ahadi sadi.

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Feminine and its roles in transformation of society was the topic for Mrs.Nahid Farid the parliament member she has said five fundamental pillars in regards of women’s active participations mainly in peace processes will be effective to be addressed.  First; the biological features of women should not define their rights. Second; the feminist could define what women is and what the men’s perspective about women are but it could not define what women perceive about themselves. Third; epistemology of women which means one needs to see things through women’s eyes. Fourth; lack of equal opportunities between men and women in Afghanistan society. Fifth; treating women as good it means women are treated like consumable items when it is needed one can use otherwise it is useless. Her main argument was to address these five major challenges which is exist in Afghanistan society and she said when we want to bring changes we need to address these five pillar of the problem first. She said when you see peace from the women’s perspective it will be a peace for both men and women if you see peace only as men things it will not be sustainable peace because it ends with exclusions of women from the process.

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Mrs.Subrang the commissioner of human rights commission spoke about “ women’s role in peace process with the focused on UNSCR 1325” she said sustainable peace will not be possible without justice and justice will not be possible without including women in the process. She said I was a member of committee for writing Afghanistan’s national action plan on UNSCR 1325 and I am sure the action plan is not implemented properly yet I ask those line ministries and organizations which they are responsible for its implementation to work much more.  Women are the good mediators and supervisors which I ask high peace council and union government to facilitate the process for women to take part in direct peace process and let them be the one who sign the peace agreements.

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Dr. Habiba Sarabi the deputy chair of High Peace Council talked about “women’s role in peace negotiations” she said; currently we are 12 women in High Peace Council and this number is very less as compare to men in the structure. I believe women are the best for civic peace and also in high level decision making. We need to work hard to be involved and lead the negotiation team.

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Once of the best peace studies reference book show was taken place after the round of antiwar letiraure. The book is called “Building Peace” written by John Paul Lederach and recently translated by Mr.Hassan Rezaee he is one of the best translator of Afghanistan and this book is now available in the market.

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The event ends with antiwar literature which more than 15 young poets were participated in the event and they read antiwar poems for the participants. The event was from a series of programs from GIHE Peace Center and WEC with the collaboration GIHE research center which held each year since 2016 for one day.

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