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The 6th Graduation Ceremony of Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education was celebrated

This Ceremony was held on Thursday, 1 December 2016, in Uranus Palace, Kabul Afghanistan.

More than 2,000 people, including Dr. Sima Samar, founder of the Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education, and chairman of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Abdul Rauf Nawid senior adviser of Shuhada organization and GIHE, Jawad Wafa Director of Shuhada organization, Dr.Jawad Salehi Chancellor of GIHE, Adul Majid Majidi head of Graduate studies in GIHE , Safar Ali Aeen deputy of Finance and Administration, Dr.Rangin Dadfar Espanta former national security adviser, Amir Kamawal the director of private universities and Higher Education Institutes, Sagipa Djusaeca adviser in UN Women, parliament members, lecturers, 377 graduated students and their families, Gawharsahad and Shuhada employees were the participants.

Dr.Jawad Salehi in his opening speech congratulates the graduation students, lecturers and their families; He counted the sixth graduation ceremony as a great achievement.


Dr.salehi said GIHE is a nonprofit organization; this institute is a national wealth. He said quality education is the main goal of this Institute there for we have established a center by the name of Quality Assurance.

Dr.Salehi; from another achievement of this Institute indicated practical knowledge of the subjects and said: for this aim we established Women Empowerment Center, Peace Center and Research Center which they have done many works. It is about to be published some academic teaching books from Women Empowerment Center.

In another part of his remarks, Salehi counted the Samar Prize, as the nation’s largest scientific award, and another important achievement of Gawharshad, The results of this scientific award will be announced soon. In the end, Dr. Salehi promised to grant scholarships for the next year to the families of the Afghanistan National Army martyrs and the Afghanistan National Police.  Ms. Amena Omid Khorasani, a student, wrote an article
She recognized the nature of human creation is defined and knowledge of self being and nature. Establishment of Gawharsahd in the country was a scientific renaissance was founded along the goal of human existential philosophy.  Photo Amena
Dr. Sima Samar, founder of Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education and chairman of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, was one of the another speakers of this ceremony.
Dr. Samar, expressing her happiness and congratulations words to the families of graduates, professors and graduate students, she said; graduation is not the end of their study rather it is the beginning of new and great responsibilities in the society and family.  Photo dr.Samar  Dr. Samar pointed out to graduated students: Your Degree is your responsibility document. Every student with this document needs to stand and fight against of discrimination and building democratic changes. She continued and addressed; no changes will come until we do not start from our self and family.

Shah mahmood Jafari the winner of Sayed Jamalludin award and one of the Gawharshad Lecturer recited a poem with this another boom and freshness was given to the ceremony that was welcomed by the audience.


Coming on Professor Kamawal the director of Private Higher Education Institutes and universities addressed: there are 36 government universities and 128 Institutes of Higher Education and private universities with the capacity of 16000 students and he described the role of Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education valuable in this statistics.

He expressed the quality in Higher Education Institutes as his responsibility and his administration responsibility.

He promised to granting the same Diplomas for the private universities and Higher Education Institutes like government one. The director of private Higher Education Institutes and universities also advocated the promotion of clandestine professorships at private institutes and universities.In line with the approvals of the Ministry of Higher Education, Academic promotion is foreseen for permanent professors at private Higher Education Institutes.


Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, a member of the Trustee Board of the Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education said: Graduation from the University is a new point of life

He pointed to students; we have to find academic people who, despite the fact that they want peace, the elimination of discrimination and the creation of a peaceful life, we also need to have the power to push against the injustice and injustice in a community.

He mentioned in other part of his speech from the first days of establishment of GIHE which this Institute was facing many challenges.
Dr. Spanta considered the sixth graduation ceremony of Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education as a good sign of the overcoming of these challenges.


Najibullah Shayagan, wrote an article; emphasized the growth of a society is dependent on Science and knowledge of that society.

He relied on the theory of Harbermas, called the main function of universities in modern societies is, specialization and building culture and also self-awareness.   IMG_0801

At the end Mr. Roshan one of the national businessmen promised 50 full scholarships for girls in next year.

The ceremony ended with the donation of honor to the graduates.
This is the sixth student graduation ceremony from the Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education. In this round 377 students graduated from the institute, which 237 are boys and 140 are girls. 


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