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Gawharshad participated in the first summer school on health literacy in PH Freiburg, Germany

The first summer school on health literacy with the main focus on health literacy in childhood and adolescence was held at the premises of the University of Education in Freiburg, Germany from 25th to 29th of September, 2016.

The following were the main objectives of this summer school:

In addition, the European health literacy survey was explained and discussed.

More than 35 master’s students, PhD candidates, researchers, and practitioners from Germany, Afghanistan, Portugal, Colombia, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Costa Rica, Denmark, and Turkey participated in this 5-day summer school.Three participants from Gawharshad, Dr. Ebrahim Jawid, Dr. Ali Yaqubi, and Asadullah Jawid, had the privilege to take part in this course on account of the MoU between the two universities.

“Health literacy is extremely important for health promotion and preventive medicine,” said, Dr. Ebrahim Jawid, at the end of the summer school. “High illiteracy rate is the main cause of low health literacy among Afghans; therefore, in order to improve health literacy, we need to work on general and social literacy in our country,” Dr. Ali Yaqubi stated on the last day of the course.

“Our plan for next year is to conduct a research on health literacy in Afghanistan, and publish the result in an international journal of public health as a joint work of the two universities,” said, Mr. Asadullah Jawid, the representative of Gawharshad University in Germany.

It is to mention that the MoU between the two universities was signed in December 2015, based on which the two institutions cooperate in academic areas as well as exchange programs.


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