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GIHE peacebuilders visited the ancient province of Herat

GIHE young leaders of peacebuilding and conflict resolution had a two-day trip to the ancient city of Herat on July 13th, 2016.

On the first day, they visited the Herat Citadel (Ekhtiaruddin Fort), which is a reminiscent of the Alexander the Great era and once was the capital of Great Khurasan. It was severely damaged during the successive wars. However, thanks to Agha Khan Foundation, it has been restored.  Then, the young leaders went on to visit the Human Rights Commission Museum that displays the remains of war. They had a first-hand touch of the showcased warfare and held discussions on what they learned about them. Later on the day, they visited the place that depicts the nation’s struggle against the USSR army, Manzar-e-Jihad. The military equipment and the sculptures at this place all show the extent of the war and the damages and losses inflicted.

On the second day, the young leaders visited Herat University to share their experiences and discuss their future plans with their fellow compatriots from the university peace club.

The students felt indebted to all of the institutions and individuals who made this trip take place. They said, “The trip taught us tremendously and gave us hope for the future of our country and paved the way for our future objectives”.


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