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Tuition Fee

Tuition :
Students of GIHE need to pay 15000 AFs as tuition fees for each semester they study. The normal duration of an undergraduate degree at GIHE is 8 semesters. As a result, the total amount a student has to pay in order to graduate is 120,000 AFs. The semester fees can be paid in two or three instalments. After registration, the Finance Departments sends each student receive an invoice which is taken to the Bakhter Bank where the students deposit their tuition fees to the bank account of the GIHE.

Registration Fees :

In order to register and participate in the entrance exam every student has to pay the registration fees of 1000 AFs. Beside this fee, each enrolled students has to pay 200 AF in order to receive a student ID card. The total amount GIHE received during 2013 from these sources is 839,900AFS.

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