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 GIoHE’s curriculum management is based on the credit system. The subjects offered are divided into four categories:

– Departmentally (specialized) courses ,
– Fundamental or basic courses,
– General education courses,
– Elective courses which are offered based on the semesters.

The academic program at GIoHE consists of two types of learning activities: regular activities, and extra-curricular activities. Regular activities are regulated through a standardized educational curriculum which reflects both national and international academic standards and are implemented by the respective departments in all academic fields. The extra-curricular activities include English and computer courses for the students and the bi-weekly academic seminars that bring most experienced and knowledgeable individuals from among local and foreign experts, professionals, leaders, diplomats and academics to talk about topics and issues interesting for the students and the faculty of GIoHE.

In order to fulfill the students’ educational needs, GI0HE also provides the students with needs- based trainings in English language, Computer and Internet.

Prospective students:

In GIHE we have the following degree, programs:

  1. Bachelor of Aarts in Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Management and Economics
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Education Management
  4. Bachelor of Art in Political Science
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Law
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Civil Engineering
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Road Construction Engineering

Beside these degree programs, our English language department, offers, range of standard English Language Courses.

For further information, please, contact us by the following emails:,

Fees, funding and scholarships:

GIHE is a nonprofit institute of higher education registered with the Ministry of Economy, as a part of Shuhada Organization. In order to operate, GIHE charges its student’s specific amount as tuition fees.

Registration fees:

In order to register and participate in the entrance exam every student has to pay the registration fees of 1000 AFs. Beside this fee, each enrolled students has to pay 200 AF in order to receive a student ID card. The total amount GIHE received during 2013 from these sources is 839,900AFS.

Tuition fees:

Students of GIHE need to pay 15000 AFs as tuition fees for each semester they study. The normal duration of an undergraduate degree at GIHE is 8 semesters. As a result, the total amount a student has to pay in order to graduate is 120,000 AFs. The semester fees can be paid in two or three instalments. After registration, the Finance Departments sends each student receive an invoice which is taken to the Bakhter Bank where the students deposit their tuition fees to the bank account of the GIHE.


Not all students pay the full tuition fees. There are number of discounts for particular groups of students.

  1. All female students automatically receive 20% discount in their tuition fees,
  2. Outstanding students,
  3. Disabled students,
  4. Very poor students from different provinces.


The WEC provides number of scholarships for female students. The WEC has provided 40 female students with scholarships ranging from 50% up to 100%.

  1. 191 female students received 100% scholarships,
  2. 74 female students received 50% scholarships,

The WEC received funds for these scholarships from the following organizations and individuals:

  1. Canadian Federation of University Women – Ottawa (CFUW)
  2. INDIGO Foundation (Australia)
  3. Culture of Resistance USA
  4. Linda Foundation (England and Technical University Sydney)
  5. Other individuals

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