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About Peace Center


Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education Peace Center was established in August 2014 and since then it has been collaborating with United State Institute of Peace (USIP). To date, it has been able to provide peace education for university students compiled a text book on Conflict Resolution and Peace which is taught as 2 credits in the university and 1759 students selected the subject up to date. Peace Center published eight issues of Youth Peace journal (Jewel of Peace), four Academic Journal and conducted several training, tours and exposure visits to Institutes and universities like the Institute of Gandhian Studies in India, Herat and Nangarhar University in Afghanistan.

Peace Center Mission

GIHE Peace Center is strongly committed to Institutionalize Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in Afghanistan’s Higher Education.

Peace Center Objectives and Goals

Peace Center is established in August 2014 under the direct supervision of GIHE chancellor it is dedicated to provide academic, qualitative, non-partisan and peace oriented research, publication, translation of peace related books/journals, national dialogues and professional training/workshop on conflict resolution and peace building with distinct focus on Afghanistan.

In order to achieve these goals, the center started its activities in the following areas:

  1. Offer peace building and conflict resolution trainings for 130 students from the all departments,
  2. Publishing a standard applicable curriculum for the Conflict Resolution and Peace Building subject.
  3. Teaching the subject of conflict resolution and peace building, for undergraduate students,
  4. Forming a youth Peace Leaders to promote the concepts of peace and conflict studies
  5. Forming a peace coordination committee (PCC)

The following activities have been implemented through GIHE Peace Center successfully, the details is available in GIHE Peace Center Annual Reports Portion:

Peace Center Implemented Activities in 2014 

Peace Center Implemented Activities in 2015

Peace Center Implemented Activities in 2016

Peace Center Activities in 2017

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